Low rain chances in the forecast before the heat dome moves in

“Frozen daggers” damage two EMSA ambulances

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. - The ice is finally melting, but the danger is far from over.

EMSA medics have responded to several calls of people being struck by falling chunks of ice.

"They are like frozen daggers," said medic John Graham. "They cause injuries, and we have to take people to the hospital because of it."

One crew was in between calls, when an avalanche of ice came flying off the 18-wheeler right in front of them on I-40.

The medics were not injured, but it did shatter the windshield and crush the hood.

It's one of two EMSA units temporarily out of commission due to falling ice.

"It's very scary," Graham said. "We've all faced it - driving down the highway, dropping from the power lines."

If you are faced with those dreaded ice bombs, you're best defense is to remain calm and safely slow down.

"White knuckle!" Graham said. "You don't want to panic, but you want to slow down and see if it falls in front of you."

It's also a good idea to avoid driving behind those big rigs.

I-35 and I-40 are the continental crossroads.

While the snow and ice are thawing here, it's still abundant in other parts of the country.

"Some of these semis are coming from other locations, where they've had a lot more ice than we have, and they are just passing through," Graham said. "As they come into our area, it starts to melt, and it starts to come off those trucks"

With winter just beginning, it could still be a cold and dangerous new year.