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“He screwed me over,” Widow claims former renter stole from her

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OKLAHOMA - An Oklahoma homeowner is enraged after she says the person renting from her skipped town and took her stuff.

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office said, because this is an issue between landowner and tenant, it is a civil matter.

Now, Gina Gatlin-Ulrickson is stuck trying to track down the former renter herself.

Gina said 2015 already has not been a good year for her.

"I lost my husband in April," Gina cried. "This year's been hell.”

The widow is now trying to raise her 15-year-old son on her own.

She has been leasing a home in Cleveland County for some extra cash.

Gina said the $600 extra a month was helping out so, when her renter vacated the property, it really hurt her.

"To screw over a widow with a special needs kid that needed the income just to be able to stay afloat - there's not honor in that," Gina said.

Things got worse when she stepped inside the home.

Her microwave, fridge, washer and dryer were gone.

"He screwed me over, then he stole from me," Gina said. "It's just like putting salt on the wound. It's adding insult to injury."

She said it also upset her to find her home in disarray.

"The drawers are all cockeyed," Gina said. "The closet won't shut."

The bathtub is pink and trash is scattered all throughout the yard.

Gina said, last time she talked to the former renter, he denied stealing from her.

"The house was all locked up," Gina said. "If somebody's going to break in, some random stranger is going to break in and steal appliances they're not going to, you know, lock the door behind them."

She has since changed those locks and is now hanging on to hope that the person who took her belongings will have a change of heart.

"If he had any honor, I'd say for him to do the honorable thing and return what he stole and the money that he owes," Gina said.

Gina said she has been trying to get in touch with the former renter, but he will not return her messages.

NewsChannel 4 tried to reach out to him Thursday, but we have not heard back.