Internet freaks out over dog with ham on its face

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A photo with a dog being described as a burn victim has people on Facebook and Twitter freaking out, but it turns out it was a ham hoax.

The dog just has meat on its face. It wasn’t burned. has debunked this one, along with many others who have seen the photo.

Stephen Roseman posted the picture of the dog with deli meat on its face on Dec. 23, with the caption, “This poor dog was badly burned and disfigured trying to save his family from a house fire.”

Thousands responded with sympathy and compassion for the “burned” dog.

But many people realized that the dog actually wasn’t burned, and it just had a piece of ham on his face.

The post was shared more than 118,000 times.

Roseman has since posted in the comments section of the post that he shared the photo to make fun of people who write similar posts.