Reflecting on 2015, looking on to 2016

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Waiting for the ball to rise outside the Civic Center, Lori Harris reflected on her new beginning.

Not only would she be ringing in a new year, but she would be starting 2016 in a new place.

"It was crazy!" she said of 2015. "We moved here, and we've never moved away from home."

At the beginning of December, Harris and her family left Shreveport, La. to settle here.

She's hoping the new year brings some good change.

So does James Canary, who is homeless.

Selling the Curbside Chronicle, he remembers 2015 as "challenging."

"But, the ending is pretty awesome," he said, sharing his optimism and hope for the next year. "Just love and peace. Oklahoma City is really a community like no other."

While others may be hoping for change, Roger Johns just wants to stay the course, as he and his wife move toward retirement.

"Everyone's safe, healthy and all well-being," he said. "That pretty much sums it up. Looking forward to 2016."