Secret DUI checkpoint in Oklahoma County has Uber drivers ready to pick up drunk riders

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OKLAHOMA CITY - There were more than 700 alcohol-related crashes last year in Oklahoma County alone - 16 of them fatal.

Tonight, law enforcement is warning you to think twice before driving home, if you've been drinking.

Even if you're only tipsy and think you can make the drive home, there's no guarantee.

Plus, there's a secret checkpoint somewhere in the county, and if you've had any alcohol, you're going straight to jail.

"I'm expecting it to be incredibly busy tonight," said Sara Bakke, an Uber. "They tell us it's going to start about 6 p.m. and go until about 3 a.m."

Tonight, she's expecting to make quite a bit of cash on those too tipsy to drive.

"I've always been my friend's designated driver, so this isn't something new to me," Bakke said.

At nearly 200 rides, she's ready to ring in the New Year by keeping the roads safe.

"It's helping people and, if I can help one person not hurt another person, I'd love to do that," Bakke said.

"You have a lot of people going out tonight, and the last thing you want is having these people driving all over the roads coming in contact with people who are doing the right thing," said Mark Opgrande, spokesperson with the Oklahoma Sheriff's Department.

Opgrande said they're not cutting anyone a break tonight.

"We're going to have a checkpoint out making sure people are doing the right thing, taking drunk drivers off the roads," Opgrande said. "Tonight, it's zero tolerance on those types of things. When we find a drunk on the road, he's going to jail."

It's a night behind bars that could be avoided with one simple app.

"Your bars out there are much better than our bars inside here," Opgrande said.

"Don't drink and drive, and buckle up!" Bakke said.

Uber drivers say also be careful with surge hours.

Rates rise when there are more people than drivers.

Click here for more tips on reducing your fare.

AAA will also be offering a free ride and tow of your car with one guest.