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House explodes near N.W. 122nd & Rockwell, sends three to hospital

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Fire crews are on the scene of a home that exploded early Saturday morning near N.W. 122nd and Rockwell.

Officials said one person was sleeping inside the home on Whispering Hollow Dr., when the explosion happened.

The man was hospitalized to be treated after suffering 1st and 2nd degree burns.

“Obviously, some of that natural gas that was escaping found its way to an ignition source somewhere,” said Chief Benny Fulkerson. “To have walked away from that at all is actually pretty remarkable. If you’ve seen the damage, it’s pretty amazing that someone was able to walk away from this.”

Officials said eight houses with 24 total people were evacuated.

Some as far away as Yukon and Warr Acres felt or heard the explosion.

The two houses adjacent to the fire house have extensive damage.

Numerous homes up and down the street have debris, holes in portions of the exterior and garage doors pushed in.

Some nearby vehicles were also affected.

According to the fire department, at least 50 homes suffered some kind of damage.

Two other people, an elderly couple next door, were also transported to the hospital after having trouble breathing due to smoke inhalation.

Of those who evacuated the area, only some have returned.

“I walked outside and saw the drywall and the garage laying on the floor, and I walked around the side of the house, and you could see the brick wall bowing in,” said Michael Palmer, who lives nearby. “You have an explosion that big and you walk away from it, you’re pretty lucky.”

Fire crews say ONG was working in the area at the time of the explosion.

“Our thoughts go out to everyone in this situation,” said ONG Spokeswoman Cherokee Ballard. “It is under investigation so, at this point, it’s really early on.”

ONG are offering to put anyone affected up in a hotel.

They said there is no danger to anyone in the area now.

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