Guthrie man learns hard lesson after having his work truck stolen

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GUTHRIE, Okla. -- A man’s work truck was stolen from his driveway Monday morning. The crime was caught on surveillance camera, and the victim is hoping you will recognize the thief so he can get his stuff back.

"It upsets me, yes," Clifford Cox said.

Cox, a construction worker, said he is both sad and angry because he relies on the truck to make a living.

"I had just come out doing something you shouldn't do. I was letting my truck run and defrost and I had gone back in to actually put on my coveralls. Wasn't in there for more than five minutes," Cox explained.

In that time, the video shows exactly what happened. In just a matter of seconds, a man hops in and drives away.

The F250 contained up to $20,000 dollars’ worth of tools.

"You have to be about the lowest person in the world to steal a man's tools," Cox said.

They were not just any tools. Many of them were hand-me-downs from his late father and uncle.

The thief also got away with Cox’s trailer that was built by his dad in the 1960s. They are sentimental things that cannot be replaced.

"I'm still coming across things that I realize are gone," Cox said.

For now, his employer has loaned him a truck filled with borrowed tools.

Cox said he has a feeling the law will eventually catch up with the crook and he will be taught a lesson.

"Obviously, the guy doesn't have a job. If he had come up and wanted to come to work and probably hire him and teach the guy a trade," Cox said.

Cox said this experience did teach him something:  he said he will never leave his truck running unattended again.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office is working the case. If you recognize the thief call detectives at 405-282-4100.

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