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Husband sees wife’s last moments on FaceTime as tornado tosses her car

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A mother of four was killed when a tornado lifted up her car in Garland and tossed it off the highway.

GARLAND, Texas – Families are still picking up the debris left behind after a winter tornado passed through Garland.

Ruben Porras lost his wife when the storm moved along I-30.

Petra Ruiz, 27, was on an overpass and using FaceTime to talk with Ruben as the storm brewed around her.

“She screamed and screamed and her phone went blank,” Porras told CBS 11.

At that point, Porras used an app to locate Petra’s phone and followed its directions to her location.

He says he ran through flashing lights and emergency workers until he found her car.

“I grabbed her hand and started talking to her,” Porras said through tears. “I said, ‘Petra, wake up.”

“I grabbed her wrist to see if she had a pulse, but she was gone,” he said.

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