Neighbors discover scared cat inside ‘cardboard, plastic tomb’

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NORFOLK, Va. – Residents in a Virginia town are furious after a cat was taped inside a cardboard box and left for dead.

“This was a cardboard and duct tape and plastic tomb for this cat,” Lisa Suhay told WAVY. “I don’t think anyone intended for this cat to survive.”

Suhay’s neighbors were out for a walk when they noticed a cardboard box in the median. The box, which was wrapped in a plastic bag, appeared to be moving.

Once they ripped open the box, they found a frantic cat inside.

“As soon as she was inside, and realized she was someplace warm and safe and there was food there, she started to purr like a jet engine,” Suhay said. “I can’t even imagine what it takes, what lack of humanity has to be going on for someone to do that to any living thing.”

Suhay says she plans to adopt the cat once it is released from the Norfolk Animal Care Center.

Police are now investigating the case as an act of animal cruelty.

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