Edmond gym owner trains the stress of unemployment away

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Edmond gym owner Michael Worley is changing lives - not only physically but mentally and spiritually, as well.

In fact, those who go to his gym, FIT4U, said it’s his “servant heart” that makes Michael special.

"It's how I’m wired, I guess,” Worley said. “Always wanted to give back. I've had so many people help me. It's only right to do it in return."

Worley and his wife, Brenna, helped start 'Joy For Kids,'  fulfilling Christmas wish-lists for foster children.

The program  attracted the support and help of Thunder star Russell Westbrook.

And, since the slowdown of the oil and gas industry has hit our state, Worley has been letting anxious and worried laid-off workers come to the gym free of charge to let them work off their stress of unemployment.

“The number one way to fight that is to workout," Worley said. “You get in the gym. You get to meet some new people, some new friends. You know you're financially strapped, we'll cover it for ya. That's just what we do."

It's one of the many reasons George nominated Worley for Pay it 4Ward.

After Derek Ebert of First Fidelity Bank presented George with the $400 to Pay it 4Ward to Michael, George talked more about his friend and trainer.

“For people that need to workout and relieve stress, for these people who have lost jobs and stuff, he's gonna do it free of charge," George said. “Michael is a young person with family, and he is just giving stuff away. He's just been a great inspiration to all of us, for people who want to Pay it 4Ward."

When George and Derek presented the Pay it 4Ward award to Michael, he only had one regret.

"I would have shaved if I had know you were coming!" Michael laughed, while tugging on his beard.

Then, there was a group hug from his staff and friends for their friend who knows the meaning of Paying it 4Ward.

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