GRAPHIC: Dogs who suffered horrific abuse now looking for forever home

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SHAWNEE, Okla. - A pair of dogs who suffered horrible acts of animal abuse are now ready to be adopted.

"Lacerations that went shoulder blade to shoulder blade across his neck," said Maeghan Olsen, founder of 1 Day Ranch.

Darryl came to the 1 Day Ranch last summer.

His face smashed in and maggots were crawling in open wounds.

It was a gruesome sight for the police officer who found him in a field.

Now, he barely has a scar on his body.

Last year, NewsChannel 4 did a story on Devlin, a pit bull whose body was covered in acid burns.

“He basically lost 50 percent of the skin on his body. It was poured on his back and basically ran down the side,” Olsen said.

Olsen said Devlin was tough through all of the excruciating treatment.

"It was extremely painful. We don't know how he survived. We don't know how he possibly made it through," she said.

But, both animals are now ready to find a forever home.

Darryl is even trained to sit down on command.

"He is an incredible dog. You'd never know what he'd been through. He loves all other dogs. He loves kids. He loves adults. He just loves life," she said.

They love each other, as well.

Both share a similar personality.

“An incredibly happy, goofy fun loving dog. Again, loves other dogs. Loves all people. He's completely forgiven everything that's happened to him,” Olsen said.

Whoever abused these animals was never caught.

“I don't understand how an animal could ever make you that mad or that upset or why you take out something on a creature like that,” Olsen said.

But, even after going through so much trauma and pain, these grateful dogs are hoping to find a loving home.

To adopt or foster Darryl and/or Devlin, visit the ranch's website or email

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