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Huge Powerball drawing brings crowds

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OKLAHOMA - The estimated jackpot for Wednesday night's Powerball drawing has soared to $500 million due to strong sales.

On Tuesday, Multi-State Lottery Association officials increased the expected prize from $400 million because of fast sales for the largest lottery jackpot in nearly a year.

No one has won Powerball's biggest prize since Nov. 4.

The jackpot now is the sixth-largest ever in North America and, if there is no winner after Wednesday night's drawing, the prize will keep climbing.

Employees at an OnCue on Western came into work expecting a non-stop day.

“It’s already been busy since 6:30 this morning," said Kevin Barnett. "People been coming in buying their lottery ticket. Lunch time is a big rush."

A rush to try their luck in one of the largest jackpots in history.

Everyone has their own formula for picking winning numbers.

“They will ask one of our clerks, 'Hey, pick your birthday. Maybe that will be a lucky number,” Barnett said.

Most who play said they know the odds of winning are slim - 1 in 292 million to be exact, but those like Chris Royal said it doesn’t hurt to try.

“If you have an extra few dollars, might as well, because you never know,” Royal said.

So, are there ways to increase your odds?

There are many who pool their money, mix odd and even numbers or let the computer pick all together.

For others, it’s about sticking to same store.

This is a list of some of the top selling Powerball ticket locations in the area:

  • OnCue #112 – 13600 N. Western
  • OnCue #116 – 3901 N.W. Expressway
  • Fift E-Z Shop – 5050 N. May
  • Mr. Smile – 1501 W. Britton
  • Station #7 – 5900 W. Memorial
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