Dramatic dash camera video shows end to long chase

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OKLAHOMA COUNTY , Okla. - We're getting a better look at a dramatic chase through Oklahoma County.

It all started on Jan. 5 when the driver refused to pull over for a traffic stop.

Authorities say the driver, Brian Everhart, was speeding, traveling 75 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour zone.

“Mr. Everhart, as it was known while we were chasing him, has multiple felony convictions in the past for drugs,” said Mark Opgrande with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

For miles, deputies tried to catch up with Everhart.

At times during the chase, they reached speeds of more than 100 miles an hour along I-44.

At one point, police say Everhart drove the wrong way on the interstate.

For part of the chase, he drove on a flat tire with the tailgate of the truck dragging on the highway.

At that point, troopers performed a tactical maneuver.

“What you try to do is hit the vehicle from the side, and it gets it to lose it balance and spin around,” said Opgrande.

After 25 minutes, deputies stopped the truck near the 36th St. exit.

“When they pinned him in, he still had his foot on the gas, burning his tires, trying to get out of there,” he said.

As the deputy tried to get Everhart out of the vehicle, officials say he began to fight with the deputy.

“In the vehicle on the floor board, there was a weapon. He was leaning over trying to get to his weapon. There was a holster behind the seat so, as he was driving, it would have been easy to pull the weapon out,” said Opgrande.

Officials say Everhart tried to run again, but he didn't make it far.

“In this case, it was decided to use that TVI because, as you could see in the video, the suspect was going right in to traffic and there were several vehicles. You only have seconds to do this before someone gets hurt or killed, especially when we know we are chasing someone dangerous, also wanted in two counties,” said Opgrande.

Three county vehicles were used in this chase, and all of those vehicles received damage.

But, there were no injures.

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