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Father furious after 5-year-old kindergarten student left alone at Bronx bus stop

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PELHAM BAY, N.Y. -  A father says he was frantically searching for his 5-year-old son after a bus driver left him alone at a stop.

Rafael Sanchez is only 5-years-old and is a kindergarten student at PS 392 in the Bronx.

After class, Sanchez climbed onto the school bus like he does every day.

However, he had no idea the bus was actually running a little early on its route.

When he reached his stop, Sanchez couldn't find his father.

"I didn't see my daddy," Sanchez told WPIX. "I went walking to find him."

The 5-year-old started walking the streets, alone, to find his family.

Fortunately, a Good Samaritan found the boy and helped him get home.

In the meantime, Rafael's father arrived at the stop but there was no bus in sight.

When he realized he must have missed the bus, he drove back to the school to pick up Rafael.

But the bus never arrived, sending him in to a panic.

"I'm waiting for the bus to finish the route and leave my son at the school, but the bus never come (sic) to the school," Edgar Sanchez said.

Edgar Sanchez says the bus driver is supposed to wait for a parent or guardian to arrive at the stop, or return the child back to the school.

After the Good Samaritan helped Rafael get home, a neighbor called his parents to pick him up.

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