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“It’s terrifying,” Rope bound body found wrapped in closet

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PAULS VALLEY, Okla. - A Pauls Valley man is found dead in his closet with his son arrested hundreds of miles away.

Now, court records are painting a disturbing picture of what happened.

The house on North Oak remains quiet with open blinds, darkened windows and neighbors stopping by for a peek.

"We live just a few blocks over," said Amanda Bridgers. "It's terrifying."

When last home owner Jack Brown was seen, he was stepping off a plane, fresh from a trip to Costa Rica.

He wasn't spotted again until one week later.

"One of his sons from the metro area had come down," said Assistant Chief Derrick Jolley with Pauls Valley Police. "He discovered what appears to be a body in the closet."

The scene was described in graphic detail in court records - a body wrapped in a blanket bound with duct tape, rope and nylon cord.

The body of Jack was in such poor condition, officials couldn't initially identify him.

"You could see this was a pretty violent scene," Jolley said.

Police quickly had a person of interest and started trying to locate Jack's son, Kent Brown.

Unbeknownst to Pauls Valley PD, Kent was speaking with police in Los Angeles, California, as the investigation unfolded.

"While we were still working the scene, we get a phone call from LAPD," Jolley said.

According to a probably cause affidavit, Kent entered an LA hospital and told officials he was there to "turn himself in."

He later explained to police, while driving from Oklahoma, he woke up in New Mexico covered in blood, driving his father's car with no memory of what happened.

So, he simply kept driving till he reached California.

"He understood that his father was dead and would tell us that, apparently, he did it but wouldn't provide any details," Jolley said.

It's those details that neighbors can't comprehend.

"I don't know how you could do that to your family," Bridgers said. "That's crazy."

According to authorities, initial reports show Jack's cause of death appears to be from a gunshot to the head perhaps even a rifle.

Kent has been charged with first degree murder, to which he has pleaded not guilty.

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