Craft beer experts hoping for Oklahoma beer law changes

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Craft beer experts and enthusiasts from across Oklahoma have come together to get lawmakers attention, hoping for legal changes to the beer industry.

Last Wednesday night, brew masters spoke at an event called 'State of the Brewnion,' held at Oak & Ore in the Plaza District.

The goal of the event was to help modernize beer laws to provide more options for the consumer.

Businesses, like Oak & Ore, in the Plaza District have gained momentum, offering dozens of beers on tap so something for everyone.

"From light to dark, sweet, hoppy,” said Micah Andrews, Owner and General Manager of Oak & Ore.

Popular local breweries, like Anthem Brewing Co., are faced with challenges.

Currently, customers can only get their products at restaurants and liquor stores.

"I definitely think there's movement, but there's still a lot of work to go," said Patrick Lively, President and Brew Master of Anthem Brewing Co. "We have not had the ability to sell all of our product on site for consumption and trying."

One step towards progress, breweries can now give people who tour their facility one 12-ounce pour.

But, eventually, companies like Anthem would like to provide a tap room for their beer drinkers.

"To drink beer at the point of site and maybe even be able to take beer to go from that point of production," said Andrews.

These brew masters hope to create a more cultural vibe in facilities that is common in breweries throughout the country, where visitors can taste test and take home their favorites.

They hope lawmakers listen to their plea for change, and they're asking the community for support as well.

"Just talking to your neighbors and your friends about how great our local breweries are and how great craft beer is also helps," said Lively.

The group has the attention of at least one lawmaker.

Oklahoma Senator Stephanie Bice (District 22) attended the event.

The next event is on Wednesday from 3- 7 p.m. at Oak & Ore.

It’s free and open to the public.

If you can’t attend, you can see a live streaming video feed here.