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Hillary Clinton dabs, dances on ‘Ellen’ again

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Hillary Clinton appeared on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Monday, where she happily showed off her dance moves by dabbing alongside her host.

During the performance, everyone was all smiles, but the reaction online was more generally bewildered.

“SMH. That’s it. I’m going with Bernie Sanders,” tweeted Charlamagne The God, co-host of ‘The Breakfast Club.’ “RIP to the dab. It’s over, folks.”

“I feel accomplished. Lol. Hillary Clinton just hit the dab,” tweeted Rich The Kid, a rapper and the star of ‘How to Dab.’

Saeed Jones, an executive editor at BuzzFeed, pointedly criticized the democratic presidential candidate.

“Hillary needs to quit playing and dab her way right into some substantive conversations about public policy and race in America,” Jones tweeted.

Chris Melberger, a prominent Vine user, mocked Clinton.

“‘Fam! Let’s make 2016 our BAE. Remember, going to the voting booth is super ON FLEEK! Haha. Stay WOKE, America! – Hillary Netflix Clinton.'”

This wasn’t the first time Clinton learned a new dance during the daytime talk show.

In September, the former secretary of state learned how to whip and nae nae.

Bernie Sanders, who is running close to or ahead of Clinton in early states according to recent polling, also danced on the show in October.