“It’s a cold, calculated, brutal case,” Police seek armed convenience store robber

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - An armed robber left a store clerk to die.

Now, police are asking for your help tracking down those responsible.

Luckily, the crime was caught on tape, and police believe the ruthless gunman wasn't working alone.

The victim, Chintala Ramulu, remains in critical condition.

"He keeps losing blood," said Mohammad Sadreaddin, owner of the Time Saver Food store. "He's fighting with his life."

Surveillance cameras captured the moments before and after the shooting.

Minutes before the robbery, another man is seen entering the store, who later casually leaves the store after the shooting.

Police believe he may be involved as well, and that the store may have been targeted, due to extra cash generated by Powerball ticket sales.

"It's a cold calculated brutal case." said Chief Brandon Clabes, with Midwest City Police. "What the video shows is they were targeting one thing."

But, Mohammed says there was no jackpot in his store.

"I'm pretty sure, about 140 bucks, can you believe this," he said. "For a lousy few bucks you know, this is shameless."

Anyone with information should contact Midwest City Police.