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New report shows schools hit by Moore 2013 tornado had structural failures

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OKLAHOMA - We are getting our first look at an engineer’s report outlining structural failures at schools hit by the deadly Moore 2013 tornado.

Seven children were killed at Plaza Towers Elementary.

A year after the tornado, their parents filed a lawsuit.

They claim the school district and city should have done more to protect their kids.

In the recent report by the American Society of Civil Engineers, Briarwood Elementary, Highland East Junior High School and other buildings hit by the tornado were investigated.

Plaza Towers Elementary was not looked at because the school had already been demolished.

In the summary, engineers state the two schools did have “masonry and steel frame failures.”

"Not what I'm saying but what I'm reading [is] there were specific codes that were not met at the time they were built that may have contributed to the collapse of those buildings," said Oklahoma Rep. Richard Morrissette. "But, that's up to the experts, the engineers and the lawyers downtown to figure out."

The report goes on to say that “observations of the damage are not meant to imply that the buildings performed more poorly than expected” and “proper construction may not have prevented the catastrophic damage during this tornado.”

"It's a powerful report," Morrissette said. "And, I think that people who are concerned need to read it."

NewsChannel 4 spoke with the Moore Schools Superintendent.

He said he cannot comment because of pending litigation.

We cannot offer the full report because it is copyrighted, but you can buy it.