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Oklahoma Corporation Commission calls for oil and gas changes in Fairview area

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Oklahoma Disposal Well Site

FAIRVIEW, Okla. – The Oklahoma Corporation Commission is asking several oil companies to continue to reduce the volume of wastewater pumped through disposal wells.

On Wednesday, the commission’s Oil and Gas Conservation Division announced a plan to change the operations of oil and gas wastewater disposal wells in the area of the Arbuckle formation.

The plan, which is in response to several earthquakes in the Fairview area, focuses on 27 disposal wells from several different energy companies.

In all, experts say the disposal volume should drop by about 54,859 barrels a day or about 18 percent.

One barrel equates to about 42 gallons.

“The data available indicates that a much larger approach to the earthquakes in that entire part of northwestern Oklahoma is needed, and we have been working on such a plan. However, given the recent earthquake activity in the Fairview area, the plan announced today is a necessary step as part of this ongoing process,” said Tim Baker, the director of the division.

The wells in question belong to Chaparral Energy, Chesapeake Operating Inc, Midstates Petroleum Company, D&B operating, Eagle Chief Mistream, Sandridge, Triad Energy and Petrowater Solutions.

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