“I guess I got knocked out,” Oklahoma City high school student responds to viral fight video

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Disturbing video of a student who suffered a "knock out punch" during a fight at Capitol Hill high school surfaced on social media earlier this week.

Five students have been arrested, including two students who threatened teachers who stepped in to help.

It happened Tuesday afternoon.

Police are looking into this to see if there is a possible gang connection.

One of the students involved says he would have never thought this would happen to him.

Bruised and sore, Hugo Marquez is at home instead of school today.

“My injuries are right here and the side of my face and there is a bump on the back of my head,” said Hugo Marquez.

He was suspended for his part in a fight at Capitol Hill High School.

“I guess I got knocked out and stomped on like they said. I was surprised when I saw the video,” he said.

Video of the fight was posted on social media.

In it, you can see Hugo walk up in front of a friend.

That’s when another student punches him in the face, knocking Hugo to the ground.

A few seconds later another student stomps him in the face.

“They told me that I was out for a while.  I was like, 'what exactly happened' because it wasn’t until late at night that I saw the video,” he said.

He says his cousin showed him the video for the first time on Facebook.

By then it had already gone viral.

“I was shocked. I was surprised. I didn’t know that’s exactly what happened. Because, well …it wasn’t my problem,” said Marquez.

Not his problem because Hugo says he was stepping up for a friend.

“I went up just in case you know. I really didn’t expect it to come down to me,” he said.

The two students were arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery.

Hugo says he’s not sure whether their arrest will end violence on campus.

“It could for a while depending on how their friends will react to it lets put it like that,” said Marquez.

He’s been suspended until the end of May.

He says he regrets getting involved.

“Yeah, and it’s not really cause I got knocked out. The fact that everybody left after they seen how I was. No one helped me up. The principal had to help me up,” he said.

Hugo has a hearing Thursday concerning his suspension.

The senior says he may have to attend an alternative school in order to graduate in May.

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