“Respect others and respect the land,” 20+ carcasses found after night of illegal hunting

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CADDO COUNTY, Okla. - Dead duck and geese were stacked high at a campsite, with a mangled deer carcass found down the road.

An investigation that lead Caddo County officials to suspects in Oklahoma City.

Now, five suspects have been identified by authorities and likely face multiple charges.

Ft. Cobb Lake, nestled in the southwest part of the state, is a serene location for campers and hunters alike.

That serenity was recently shattered by the sound of criminal gunfire.

"Reporting party called in, said they had heard a shot at night," said Lt. James Edwards Jr., Oklahoma Game Warden Supervisor. "[They] said, 'I knew I had to report it to you guys. Something was up.'"

Those shots rang out near Fly Inn #5.

Authorities arrived to find the carcasses of deer, duck and geese illegally left behind.

"Just to dump them here at a public place like this is pretty disturbing for most people," said Edwards.

But, that's not all that was dumped.

These trashy hunters left behind a trail of feathers, shotgun shells and a receipt that cracked the case.

"We were able to find a sales receipt from a sporting goods store that helped us along in the investigation," said Edwards. "Once we developed one suspect, it went downhill from there."

Again, five suspects were identified, but authorities haven't released their names pending the actual filing of charges.

According to the Department of Wildlife Conservation, they face as many as 56 counts, which could lead to close to $27,000 in fines.

Lieutenant Edwards, a game warden for 15 years, is disgusted by the scene these hunters left behind.

He hopes this bust might send a message.

"Everything revolves around respect," said Edwards. "Respect the animal, respect yourself, respect others and respect the land."

The warden tells NewsChannel 4 they will soon be turning over their case to the Caddo County district attorney.

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