Woman who won $188 million Powerball jackpot in trouble with the law

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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, N.C. – Winning millions of dollars overnight is sure to change your life.

However, one recent winner who made headlines last year has found herself in trouble with law.

Maria Holmes, a young mother of four children, had been working at Walmart and McDonald’s to stay afloat. She told WECT that she was forced to quit her jobs to stay home with one of her children, who has cerebral palsy.

A short time later, she hit the jackpot, winning $188 million.

Unfortunately, her life hasn’t been smooth sailing since hitting it big.

WECT says the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office has served a misdemeanor criminal summons to Holmes.

According to court documents, Holmes allegedly made threatening and harassing phone calls to another woman, threatening to “inflict bodily harm” on her.

Holmes also made headlines for her connection to her boyfriend, Lamarr McDow.

McDow posted a $12 million bail earlier this month after several stints behind bars.