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“We have no power at all,” Logan County resident suing oil companies for quake damage

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LOGAN COUNTY,Okla. - Four earthquakes rocked northern Oklahoma since midnight on Sunday, but only one of them above 3.0 magnitude.

A Logan County resident who is behind a class-action lawsuit against Chesapeake, Devon Energy, New Dominion and Sandridge says she's fed up.

Lisa Griggs says she just moved back into her home after it was gutted because of earthquake damage.

Now, she's ready to start a fight against the people she says started it all.

"There used to be when you came in here, all of these walls were cracked, and the floor here, there was this giant valley," Griggs said.

Now, it seems like only memories for Griggs.

"Forty percent of this foundation was separated from its mortar and you can see that right here, see these cracks? That's where the separation was," Griggs says.

Her entire home was gutted and she said  she had to move out in July.

"When the engineer came out, I didn't understand it was this bad. He found over $75,000 worth of damage to the house," Griggs says.

She was one of the lucky ones to have insurance.

"I got earthquake insurance early on, a lot of people can't buy it now or can't afford the deductibles," Griggs said.

She, along with a few others in the area, have filed a class-action lawsuit; the first of its kind in this county.

They want to hold the people the say are accountable for the damages.

Click here to read the full petition.

"The homeowners, we have no power at all and even our legislators are not behind us, there is nobody here," Griggs says.

The lawsuit alleges the oil companies including Devon and Chesapeake are negligent and continued hazardous activity.

"People keep asking me, why don't you leave? Why don't you leave? This is just beautiful, I love it here. I'm able to have my goats, this place just feeds my soul." Griggs says.

Griggs just finished treatment for stage three cancer. She says she plans on continuing the fight this time against the oil companies.

Just a month back into her home, she's already seeing new damage she says is from earthquakes.