“They’re going to kill me,” Oklahoma City woman talks about brutal attack

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OKLAHOMA - A brutal attack outside an Oklahoma City home sent a woman to the hospital.

A group of teens robbed her with BB guns and beat her outside a house on Royal Oak Road.

Police have arrested a 14-year-old boy but are still looking for five other teens.

Too afraid to show her entire face on camera, Kayla told us about her injuries - a bruise from a BB gun, a swollen lip and broken bones.

"He fractured it over here, and he fractured right here so these grind," Kayla showed NewsChannel 4.

It is hard for her to talk, but she pushed through the pain to tell us that six boys jumped her outside the home she and her husband are moving out of.

"I wasn't as focused on what was going on around me as I should have been," Kayla said.

Kayla said, when she refused to give up her car keys, they attacked her.

"The second one came up behind me and hit me really hard, knocking me onto the ground," Kayla said. "I blacked out for a little bit."

Curled into a fetal position and covering her face as best she could, the group continued to beat her in the driveway.

Meanwhile, dreadful thoughts filled her head.

"'They're not going to just get tired and walk off. They're going to kill me,'" Kayla said. "And, that's exactly what they tried to do."

Thankfully, a neighbor heard her screams and ran outside.

That is when Kayla’s attackers took off.

"He was the only one who responded out of the whole entire neighborhood, the only one who came," Kayla said. "And, I'm really grateful."

They got away with her purse, money and IDs, but she and her husband are not too worried about those things.

"I made away with my life," Kayla said.

"She's safe, and that's all that matters to me," Jake said.

According to a police report, at least one of the teens is a suspect in a Del City assault outside a CVS.

That happened about 20 minutes before Kayla was attacked.

NewsChannel 4 spoke to the mother of the teen who was arrested.

She did not want to comment.

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