Central Oklahoma Humane Society gets grant to save thousands of dogs, cats every year

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Homeless cats and dogs might be singing in celebration, because they are getting financial help.

"Pretty excited. This grant is going to do amazing things in terms of saving more dogs and cats,” said Susana DellaMaddalena, the president of  Central OK Humane Society.

The Central Oklahoma Humane Society applied for the Watershed Animal Fund, which is founded by Sue Ann Arnall, the former wife of Harold Hamm.

With this new grant, the Humane Society said it will add three programs including a bottle baby nursery.

"About 2,000 baby kittens and puppies, we believe, enter the shelter and don't come out alive, so this is a program that will let us take those babies, get them into our program and, ultimately, get them into homes," DellaMaddalena said.

That's because the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter cannot give them the 24/7 care they need as newborns.

"Some of the babies come into the shelter at a very early age, and they need to be bottle fed every couple of hours," DellaMaddalena said.

Another new program will help relocate animals to other states for adoption.

"It's a relocation program where we'll be able to pull 1,800 dogs a year and send them off to partners in other communities, so they can find them homes," she said.

But, the main focus of this grant is to help get as many animals out of the city shelter as possible to avoid being euthanized.

"We have a really high number of homeless animals coming into our city shelter for a city of our size, 24,000 is a huge number," DellaMaddalena said.