Easy ways to locate the best senior discounts in your area

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Many people complain about getting older, but experts say it isn't all bad.

In fact, there are several discounts that are available to baby boomers and seniors.

Those discounts exist at places like restaurants, grocery stores, travel and lodging, entertainment, retail and even automotive services.

The first thing to know is that most businesses don't advertise these discounts, but many give them to seniors just for asking, so don't be shy!

Senior discounts are constantly changing, so the Internet is the easiest way to keep track of where you can find the best deal.

Visit websites like Senior Discounts or Sciddy, which list thousands of discounts that you can search by city and state for free.

You can also look for discounts on The Senior List, which provides a large list of national and regional business chains that offer discounted rates for seniors.

If there is a very specific place you want to visit, you can always go to Google and simply type in the business followed by "senior discount" or "senior discount tickets" to see if there are special rates available.

If you use a smartphone, the SeniorSavings app also organizes a list of discounts for customers. It costs .99 cents.

You may also think about joining a club like AARP, The Seniors Coalition or the American Seniors Association for additional discounts.

If you're living on a limited income, BenefitsCheckUp helps people 55 and older locate financial assistance programs that can help with paying for food, prescription medication, utilities and health care.

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