Some retailers discounting delivery fees with dropping gas prices

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OKLAHOMA - We've all noticed it - those gas prices dropping to levels we haven’t seen in years.

With those prices easing the strain on our wallets, some other companies are following along, reducing their prices.

But, not everyone is helping consumers out.

When gas prices went up, many companies were forced to add or increase their delivery fees just to get the products out the door and delivered to you the customer.

Now that prices are dropping, some companies are passing the savings on to you their customers.

“The first of the year, we talked about it, and we thought we should probably lower our delivery charge, because our price for gas has gone down," said Kent Whitnah with Capitol Hill Florist.

It's good news for Capitol Hill Florist’s customers.

The company recently lowered their delivery fee by $1, because they are saving so much right now on their gasoline bill.

"It's down," Whitnah said. "It's noticeably less than it has been."

Other companies are doing the same.

Both UPS and Fed Ex are dropping their fuel fees by .25 percent come February 1.

“Industry by industry, it's going to be a little different,” Whitnah said.

Not every company is following suit.

“It's like, come on, guys, share it with your customers, because nothing's dropped - paying for seats, paying for food, extra leg room, boarding early,” said Dave Blew with Bayless Travel.

Blew said, while there are great deals right now, looking ahead, airline prices aren't changing much, especially if you have spring break or summer travel on your mind.

“Maybe they foresee the future being tight again, and so they're putting some away,” Blew said.

Some local customers who rely on WCA for their trash service have been told the $9 fuel surcharge on their bill is not scheduled to go away.

We tried to contact WCA about the charge, but our calls were not returned.

Back at Capitol Hill, they run four delivery trucks a day around the metro.

It’s a busy time with Valentine's Day just around the corner.

Still, they said helping their customers save a little is just one way they can say thanks.

“Our costs have come down, so we want to pass that along to our customers,” Whitnah said.

Many pizza delivery companies also added delivery fees when gas prices were really high.

We called several, and they said their fees are not scheduled to change anytime soon.

They tell us the fees are not fuel fees.

In fact, many of the representatives we spoke with said those fees don't go to the delivery drivers.

In most cases, we were told, the fees actually just go to the store.

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