Teen’s amazing musical ability going viral

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LANSING, Mich. – A high school student who has never been taught to play the piano is going viral because of his natural talent.

According to WFAA, 18-year-old Monntel West was meeting a friend at the mall when he decided to waste some time while he waited.

He decided to sit down at the public piano and played his rendition of “River Flows in You” by Yiruma.

West, who hasn’t received any formal training and doesn’t even own a piano, immediately grabbed the attention of Sara Hadley, who recorded the teen’s performance.

West told WFAA that he only learned how to play by practicing on a keyboard and watching YouTube videos. Also, he says he doesn’t know how to read music.

Instead, he says he is able to play it by ear.

What makes the performance even more amazing is that West was listening to “Loss of a Twin” while he played “River Flows in You.”

He says he is planning to study music management for two years at Lansing Community College before transferring to Michigan State.

So far, viewers have offered to provide free piano lessons to West.

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