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Antique store find pays off for one Oklahoman

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An antique store find is worth hundreds even if it does have a little bit of damage.

Victorian style boots that were purchased at an antique store was only worth $25 to $35, but they make a great decoration. But don't expect to wear them anytime soon. Humans were much smaller back then, so the shoes would only fit a woman who wears a size 3.

A pair of paintings by Big Bow, an Oklahoma artist, were from the 1950s and range from $175 to $250 on the open market.

A mid-century modern chair that was purchased at an antique store was a great find. The owner only paid about $50, but it worth anywhere from $275 to $350, even though it has a little bit of wear and tear.

A pair of portraits of family members after the Civil War are worth about $700 to $900, but why would you get rid of that kind of family history?

Bring your antiques to local antique expert Matt McNeil, ISA CAPP, and he will determine if they are Trash or Treasure.

You may have two of your family heirlooms, antiques or prized possessions appraised for free. Large items like furniture and weapons are not applicable.

To set up an appointment to be on the show, please call 405-478-6322 and leave a message. Due to the high call volume, it may take a few days, at most weeks, for your call to be returned.

Appointments are Wednesdays at 2:45 p.m. and must be scheduled in advance.

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