Paralyzed Bethany football player Hudson Haws talks for the first time about his injury, recovery

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BETHANY, OKLAHOMA -- Home only a few days and Hudson Haws was still getting used to his new room on the first floor.

Family supporters remodeled the house while he was away.

"Roll in showers, new bathtub," says Haws as he guides a camera man around his new living space.

Volunteers put in new, hardwood floors, specially fitted bathroom fixtures, a flat screen TV and a reclining couch.

"My old room was half the size of this," he says. "and I had stuff everywhere."

It's difficult for him to say thanks for the autographed footballs on the wall or for the many other outpourings of good will that came in after his injury.

That's partly because he's still taking stock, still working to regain what he lost in the moments after a seemingly routine tackle he made in a high school football game on Oct. 23, 2015.

"I look back on it a lot," he says.

He's looked at that play dozens of time and come to the conclusion that no one, including him, did anything wrong.

"It's hard to say how I would change it," he muses. "It's hard to say how I would have done it different because I was just reacting."

He's worked harder than he ever did at football practice to regain strength and movement in his arms and legs.

He found inner strength and new perspective with fellow rehab patients working to overcome their own spinal injuries.

Hudson says, "It's probably the hardest thing I've ever done."

"What motivated me was being at rehab and I would see the improvements in the people I'd been working out with."

Overwhelmed still describes this household at times.

But this is a family that learned long ago to rely on their faith, especially in hard times.

"Jesus said he would never leave us or forsake us, and he has definitely held up his end of the bargain on this whole deal," Hud's father, Tim, says.

Hudson talks about his future in terms of getting back to school and graduating with his senior class.

His father, Tim Haws, talks with conviction about Hud's continued improvement.

Where the emotion comes through, where the family is truly overwhelmed, is with the response in the community, with friends they didn't know they had, with an Oklahoma Standard they can't imagine existing anyplace else.

"I've grown up in this state," he says. "And I know the kind of people that live here. It's just different."

The Haws family believes in miracles, that Hudson could still regain much of what he lost.

That belief comes from the miracles so many unseen angels have already brought to their doorstep.

As Hudson's recovery continues, so do efforts at raising money and support.

Saturday, Jan. 30 a concert entitled 'Brighten it up for Hud' will take place at the Putnam City Original High School auditorium at 6:30 p.m.

Another fundraiser will include all four Oklahoma Heisman Trophy winners. That one is scheduled for Feb. 20 at Crossings Community Church.

If you're interested in donating yourself, visit the Go Mitch Go Foundation's website.