Oklahoma couple who vanished found ‘alive and well’

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UPDATE: On Thursday, police say Brandin Wakole and Amber Thompson were found ‘alive and well’ in a tent in Holdenville.

Officials say Wakole attempted to fake his death in order to avoid his parole officer.


EDMOND, Okla. - Jerry Wakole is heartsick.

His son, Brandin, and Brandin's girlfriend, Amber Thompson, have been missing for several weeks.

Jerry said they simply vanished off the face of the Earth.

"I want my baby back," he said. "He's 22, but he's still my baby."

The mystery began at the Broadway Suites Hotel in Edmond when the couple checked in on Jan. 7.

Two weeks later, the Edmond Police Department took a missing persons report on the couple when they stopped answering phone calls.

"Their cell phones are inactive. They have no money available to them, no cash, no checking account, no ATM. They have no vehicle," said Jenny Wagnon with the Edmond Police Department.

Bradin and Amber haven't shown up to DHS either for scheduled visitation of their newborn baby.

"As far as we can tell in our investigation, they've just vanished," Wagnon said.

The case had gone cold until this week, when the family received two mysterious phone calls, including one claiming to be from the FBI.

"The family members and friends have had a suspicious phone call that they were tied up and shot in the back of a car," Wagnon said.

Police believe the call was bogus and that Brandin and Amber are still alive.

"Family need the same answers as we do. They need to know what's going on," she said. "It is a mystery of where these two went."