Largest settlement in U.S. history: City to pay $262,000 after officer shoots dog

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COMMERCE CITY, Colo. - A family in Colorado says justice has finally been served after an officer shot and killed their dog following a report of it running loose.

In 2012, officers were called to a dog running in a neighborhood.

After police captured the pit bull-mix and had it on a catch pole, neighbors recorded Officer Robert Price shooting the dog five times, killing it.

Commerce City police said Price was "within policy" when he killed the dog, but the video sparked outrage among many pet owners.

While the officer was acquitted of any wrongdoing, the family said something had to be done.

According to KDVR, Colorado civil law does not allow a pet owner to recover losses for a pet that exceed its face value. The "face value" for Chloe was about $200.

However, the Animal Law Center became involved, citing recent federal court cases.

In those court cases, plaintiffs cited violations of the Fourth Amendment for loss of property.

To avoid a federal civil court trial, which was scheduled later this month, the city paid Chloe's family $262,500.

Using the Colorado Open Records Act, KDVR learned that in addition to the settlement, the city spent $125,227 in legal fees.