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Pay it 4Ward: 90-year-old woman bakes cakes to raise money for church bus

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OKLAHOMA - Alva Lee Holmes is doing a most remarkable thing.

She's making a bus in her oven.

You heard right.

Before most of us are even awake, she's in her kitchen at 4 a.m. putting together the ingredients for what she hopes will be a bus.

And, her friends at Olivet Baptist Church couldn't be more grateful.

The buses take retired seniors to church.

But, when it rains, the buses are so rusted the seniors have to use umbrellas inside the bus to stay dry.

That's when Alva Lee Holmes went to work.

If you are interested in ordering a cake, contact Olivet Baptist Church 405.235.4696

Watch as we surprise this spry 90-year-old who won't stop until she and her friends can stay dry on their Sunday trips to church.