Store clerk shooters charged

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OKLAHOMA - Two teenagers accused in the death of a store owner were charged today with first degree murder.

18-year-old Joshua Lonewolf and 17-Marcus-Escobar were arraigned today in at the Caddo County Courthouse.

"The victim died almost instantly," said Jason Hicks Caddo County DA. "He was shot three times. One of the shot in the chest, the neck and the other was in the side."

There are flowers outside the door of Kim's County Mart.

55-year-old Son Duong was shot and killed.

He was working late that night when it happened.

Police said it was after midnight when Lonewolf first entered Kim's Country Mart.

"Eight minutes later, he comes back. This time, he has on a Dallas Cowboys jacket," Hicks said. "In minutes, he has his gun pointed at the clerk and very quickly started firing shots."

That's when investigators said Lonewolf then dragged Duong's body to the back store room.

While this was going on, they said the other suspect, Escobar, was outside.

"Marcus Escobar was across the street, and what we understand is the two of them were communicating via cell phone and text message," Hicks said. "Escobar  was the lookout and calling information in to Longwolf."

Both are being charged with first degree murder for a crime officials said was deliberate.

"He walked in the door and started firing too quickly for me to believe that it was anything else," Hicks said. "There's only one reason for you to pull the trigger, and that's that you wanted someone to die."

Right now, Duong's family said the store where he was killed is closed, and they are not sure if it will ever reopen.

The DA can seek the death penalty for the shooter, Lonewolf, because he's 18.

The lookout, Escobar, is 17, so he can get up to life without parole.