Woman accused of stealing funeral donations from Oklahoma family

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CARTER COUNTY, Okla. – It’s a tragedy that struck a chord with people throughout the community.

Last year, 20-year-old Stormy Lusk was found shot to death inside her Carter County home.

When word spread about Stormy’s death, it wasn’t hard to find people who wanted to help the family.

“I know a lot of people that donated to that GoFundMe account. Even one of my friends who was a single mother of three, she gave her last 20 bucks,” said Buddy Lusk, Stormy’s father.

The account had been set up by 46-year-old Robin Faulkenberry to help the Lusk family pay for funeral expenses.

In all, he says more than 90 people donated to the fund, but the family never saw a dime.

“To know that someone took not only from my daughter, but took from 90 plus people that donated, you know, it gets me in the heart that somebody could do that,” he told KTEN.

Now, Faulkenberry is facing charges for embezzlement and misappropriating funds.