Delayed dinner break credited with capturing alleged sexual predator

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CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. – A victim and a 911 dispatcher are being credited for their quick-thinking in a deadly situation.

In December, authorities say 27-year-old Robert Giles kidnapped a woman and brought her behind an adult entertainment store to rape her.

He allegedly told the woman to call her boyfriend so he could listen to the assault.

Instead, she dialed 911.

“She explained to him what the perpetrator had told her; that he was wanting him to listen while she was being raped,” Maj. Joe Woodall, with the Clayton County Police Department, told WSB.

The 911 dispatcher pretended to be the woman’s boyfriend, while trying to talk Giles out of attacking her. All the while, the dispatcher was tracing their location and sending officers.

“They were able to stop it right then and there and snatched him right from the car,” Woodall said.

Amazingly, the dispatcher says it was divine intervention that saved the victim.

Dispatcher Deonte Smith says he was just about to go on break when he decided to answer one last call.

“[It was] the most extreme call of my career,” Smith said.

Smith says if he hadn’t answered that call, it would have gone to a female dispatcher’s phone.

“I was the only guy on the floor that night. The other guy we had had just left not too long before the call came in,” said Deonte Smith, the dispatcher.

Giles is now facing charges of rape, false imprisonment and obstruction.

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