Oklahoma City police: Teacher arrested on numerous counts of rape

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OKLAHOMA - As Choctaw High School let out for the weekend, news of a teacher's arrest was spreading.

"One of the junior students, my boyfriend, he knew her personally was having inappropriate relations with a coach at our school," said student Annalysa Bradley.

24 year old, Austin Quinton, was picked up at the school Friday morning and questioned by Oklahoma City police.

He was arrested on numerous counts of rape in the first degree.

"The sexual conduct took place in Oklahoma City, therefore Oklahoma City police is going to be the investigating agency on this," said Master Sergeant Gary Knight.

"I've just heard a lot of stuff about the coach and how he had relations with a 17-year-old, and I think that's very inappropriate and to have that going around our school - that's kind of like scary to know that's actually happening in our school as we speak," said student, Alexis Mechling. "I think it needs to stop. It's not right."

And, we're learning this is not the first time Quinton has been in trouble with the law.

He was actually suspended from his job last week after he was arrested for petit larceny and interfering with an officer in Midwest City.

Police there attempted to arrest him for shoplifting a microwave when he ran from them earlier this month.

Parents were upset to hear of this happening at their school.

"It's getting scary, because it's getting more and more prevalent," said parent Philip Chicoine. "I mean, it's happening all over the place."

"You're putting your trust in people. You expect them to do what's right," said parent Bill Shaffner. "After all, a teacher, that's what it implies - you're teaching someone how to behave, how to conduct themselves in life."

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