Mother refusing to send son to school after she says district lost him four times

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DAYTON, Ohio – A mother in Ohio is refusing to send her 7-year-old back to school after she says they continue to lose him.

Catherine Williams is a single mother of four boys and says she recently transferred school districts. Since then, there have been continual issues.

 Williams told WDTN that within three months, her 7-year-old son has been dropped off at the wrong bus stop several times.

“It’s a scary feeling because I don’t want to lose any of my children and it hurts that they didn’t take any accountability of that,” she said.

She says that she relies on the bus to drop her son off at a babysitter’s home since she doesn’t get off work in time.

“He has been misplaced or lost on four different occasions. So, it’s been real rough, but I tried to keep my patience about it,” he said.

Last week, Williams said she had enough. When the bus reached the last stop, she says the bus driver told her son that he had to get off.

“Instead of asking him where he needed to be or taking him back to school, he had him get off the bus,” she told WDTN.

A stranger saw her son and drove him back to school.

“Instead of the secretary asking the lady to return him to her so she could call me, she went into my personal files and gave this woman my information and allowed her to leave with my son,” she said.

A spokesperson for the district says they only release students to custodial parents or people on an approved list, adding that they are investigating what happened.

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