Oklahoma pro-life advocates want Siri to change her tune

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OKLAHOMA - Siri has become a driving force in our lives.

You can ask her just about anything.

Now, pro-lifers are up in arms about the results Siri shows when you search abortion.

“We certainly would love for a woman to have every availability to consider the decision she’s making,” said Paul Blair, president of the Protect Life Initiative in Oklahoma.

Fast Company, a monthly business magazine, started looking into the issue back in 2011, finding if you search the term abortion in Apple Maps or ask Siri: “Where can I find an abortion provider?” adoption agencies sometimes popped up first.

“Planned Parenthood was complaining to Apple about how when people put in the search engine, said, 'Okay, Siri, find abortion,' some adoption providers were actually coming up in the list of options,” Blair said.

According to Fast Company, Apple has been slowly fixing that problem.

And, now, Blair said they plan to fight back, getting those adoption agencies back in the mix of search results.

“We plan to reach out to them the same way that Planned Parenthood did and ask them to look at their algorithms here in the Oklahoma City area,” Blair said.

When Blair asked Siri to search pregnancy, Planned Parenthood was again the first option that popped up.

Blair said he wants to make sure women in that situation have as much information as possible.

“We believe that, because of the importance of human life, that that option should be available,” Blair said.

Keri Parks, director of External Affairs for Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma, sent us this statement:

“Today’s technology has the potential to really expand people’s options and access to health care information and services. In many ways, we’re already seeing this: online health services, apps allowing people to interact directly with educators and providers. Technology should expand people’s access not hinder it. It should be a tool to break down the barriers and stigma that keep people from getting the care they need.

At Planned Parenthood, we believe that a woman's decision about her pregnancy should be respected and valued, and we work hard to make sure women can make their own medical decisions without shame, judgment or stigma. We provide patients with full information about their options, including whether to raise a child, end a pregnancy or choose adoption.

We know that information should support a woman, help her make a decision for herself and enable her to take care of her health and well-being. It should not be provided with the intent of coercing, shaming or judging a woman.”

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