Police fed up with vandals after memorial museum is damaged

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OKLAHOMA - In the heart of Jones, bits of the town's history now lay shattered on the ground.

Police found the damage on Tuesday.

Bricks broken, the back porch fencing toppled over, it appeared the old Historical Society had been targeted.

"It's pretty heartbreaking," said Chief Thomas Pletcher with Jones Police. "It just seems like kids growing up have no respect, no ethics, no morals."

With no holds barred, Pletcher took to Facebook, calling out the "punks" in a heartfelt post.

But, you might be just as mad, if you met those truly affected.

John McEwen's been with the society since the beginning.

With his help and other's all around town, the old building is packed with relics of yesteryear.

For McEwen, the building reads like a book.

Every item, another page of Jones' past.

"I don't know that I have any favorite things. I just like it all," he said. "I'm proud of it."

So, while police pursue the vandals, McEwen and the society will carry on.

Their mission - to remind Jones of just how far its come.

As for the repairs, funding will come from society members or donations raised.

"We just eat it ourselves," McEwen said.

Anyone with information on the vandals, should contact Jones police.

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