“We believe there are many other victims,” Police arrest alleged serial stalker

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma man is behind bars after being accused of stalking several people.

On Friday, authorities in Norman arrested William Aiken at his job.

He is now facing five counts of stalking, dating back to 2014.

Police say Aiken would call his victims, threaten to kill them and their families, along with doing just about anything to insert himself into their lives.

Debbie Preble says she learned of Aiken's tactics firsthand when she began receiving disturbing phone calls from Aiken, who was using the name "Kevin Burbank."

“It started out with my husband, telling my husband he was going to come to our house, telling my husband we were having an affair,” said Preble.

Police say the calls were non-stop, adding that he was known to call his victims up to 20 times a day and would post those calls to YouTube.

“Usually, I would try not to answer the phone, but he would call and hang up, call and hang up, call like 20 times,” said Preble.

For Preble, she says he even called her home on Mother's Day.

“He knew so much about us. He knew where we lived. He knew what we drove,” she said.

It wasn't just Preble.

Police say Aiken was targeting other victims as well, going as far as to send tow trucks to some of the victims' houses and order pizzas for their address.

Some  of the victims had to move out of fear after Aiken allegedly threatened them.

“When he’s making these threats, he’s calling people and threatening to do harm to them, threatening to kill them and threatening to kill their families. He makes gruesome threats to them, such as cutting off fingers and torture, those types of things,” said MSgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

“In 2007 and 2010, he had convictions for stalking. Based on his past and his information on the victims, I would say it was very likely he could carry out the threats,” said Det. Clint Dellinger with the police department.

It was a pattern that went on for months until he was caught.

Authorities say Aiken even told officers he couldn't be captured during a phone conversation, which was recorded.

Officer: "So, here's the deal."

Aiken: "Don't tell me what the (expletive) deal is. You're not telling me anything. You shut the (expletive) up, pig!"

Aiken: "You can't catch me, because I'm the gingerbread man."

Officer: "You are the gingerbread man?"

Aiken: "I got a throw away phone. You can't stop my calls."

Investigators say it was obvious that Aiken wasn't worried about getting caught.

Little did he know, a case being built against him.

Now, he is behind bars.

“I screamed. I just screamed. I was so happy. I took great pleasure in the fact that he didn’t realize they were looking for him,” said Preble.

"This man has made it his cause to intimidate and frighten as many people as he can," Knight said. "We believe there are many other victims."

Police say, if you believe you have been harassed by Aiken using his alias Kevin Burbank, call 911 and make a police report.

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