Bed bug business finds pests right under a dog’s nose

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma couple is using dogs to detect pests in homes across the state.

"The dogs, when they go in, it can be poor lighting. It can be clutter. It can be a lot of things, and the dogs are just incredible," said Steve Iverson, owner of Bed Bugs Uncovered K-9 Detection Services.

Bed Bugs Uncovered take German Shepherd into your home to search for bugs who are hard to find.

We wanted to put the dogs to the test, so we planted bed bugs in a room.

"You'll come home. You'll put the clean clothes back in the dresser. A lot of times, that's when the bugs are introduced into your bedroom," Iverson said. "Just to put it in perspective, a German Shepherd has 225 million receptors versus a human that has 5 million, giving these dogs a super smell."

The couple says the dogs detect a pheromone that bed bugs produce, so it's easy for them to find the pests.

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