Baby adorably falls asleep to dad’s sweet piano lullaby

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Putting babies to sleep can sometimes be a tough challenge, especially since their parents are usually lacking sleep themselves.

But, one dad posted a video of him getting the job done and makes it look as effortless as it does adorable.

In the video, the dad plays a version of a classic song, which has always been a favorite of his, on the piano, while wearing his son in a baby carrier.

“When, last night baby Sam was having a difficult time sleeping due to an ear ache, I thought I’d take an impromptu attempt at playing ‘Brahms Lullaby’ to see if he would fall asleep,” he said.

And, just within seconds of hearing the music, Sam yawns, falls sound asleep and continues to snooze throughout the remainder of the sweet lullaby.

Bearded Piano posted the video to YouTube on Jan. 31 and, since then, it has been viewed over 140,000 times.

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