Couple who flips homes warning people about vacant homes being vandalized

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EDMOND, Okla. - An Edmond couple who owns an investment property company ran into a scary situation at one of their homes.

They went to check on the property and discovered some odd and graphic paintings on the walls.

The couple learned a big lesson from this experience: that not every vacant house is empty and to always be aware of your surroundings.

"I just walked here, and I saw the light was on," said Hamudi Mruwat, OKC Home Investments.

Through the window, Mruwat saw images spray painted on the walls and a table set up inside with flowers, incense and candles.

Someone had been inside their property.

"Honestly, I got scared and ran to the car and asked my wife if she had a pocket knife," said Mruwat.

Mruwat and his wife own and run OKC Home Investments.

They buy homes, renovate and then resell them .

Their most recent project is a home near Bryant and Danforth in Edmond.

They want to warn others in similar situations that this isn't the first time one of their houses has been broken into.

"It is frightening, because this is a nice area," said Micah Mruwat, OKC Home Investments.

The husband and wife duo said they invest a lot of money and work hard to make these homes new again.

"We enjoy bringing the home back to life, and it's unfortunate to see someone damage the property in a negative way," said Mruwat.

As they start renovations, they plan to protect the property by changing all locks and installing portable surveillance systems.

In the meantime, they hope neighbors will be on the lookout too.

"If you know a property is vacant, keep an eye on the property," said Mruwat.

We’re told this house was purchased at an auction early January, but nothing was official until a hearing with a judge for confirmation of sale, which took place in February.

During that gap, the owners are not allowed to go inside the home, which makes it hard for investment companies to secure them.

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