Graphic: Cushing man accused of brutal sexual assault

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OKLAHOMA - A pregnant Cushing woman is recovering after being physically and sexually assaulted for nearly seven hours.

Police said the woman was 19-weeks pregnant when Jason Scott Williams, 32, attacked her inside a home on Jan. 20th.

Neighbors are still in shock.

"For him to do the things he did to her, he needs to stay in jail," one neighbor told NewsChannel 4. "He never needs to get out."

According to an affidavit, the nightmare began after 8 p.m.

Williams allegedly slapped the woman multiple times and “punched her in the head” then “lifted her up off the ground by only her hair.”

“We did receive some information that he had been drinking alcohol and was intoxicated,” said Rachel Hentges, an investigator with the Cushing Police Department.

Investigators said he sexually assaulted her and tried to abort the baby himself.

Court records state, during the attack, Williams told the woman he “would bite her jugular, cut her head off” and “take a knife and cut the baby out.”

When he fell asleep, police said the woman ran to a neighbor for help.

“She’s doing better," a friend told NewsChannel 4, when we asked how she was doing. "Of course, she’s traumatized. Anybody would be.”

She said she is just thankful both her friend and baby survived.

“I thank God for that, because the things he did - it’s a miracle that that baby is not hurt,” she said.

According to the affidavit the victim’s one-year-old daughter was in another room during the attack.

Williams is in the Payne County Jail on a $75,000 bond.

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