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Crime spree comes full circle after crashing into Oklahoma school gate

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OKLAHOMA CITY - One man was arrested after a bizarre chase through the metro.

In fact, authorities are still unsure why the suspect was initially running and only gave chase after he drove erratically through school property.

It was a wild morning for those who were near N.W. 116th and Western.

"For it to be a Friday, kind of an exciting day here at Sunset Storage," said Steven Bruner, who works security for the business. "Oh man, it was probably about 20 police cars out there."

Police responded to Sunset on a possible burglary call.

But, once they arrived, they found a truck-sized hole in a fence and determined that nothing had been stolen.

But, here's where it gets bizarre.

From Sunset, the suspect allegedly drove through the fence, damaged a gate on Casady School property and caught the eye of a school resource officer.

At that point, a chase ensued with the suspect allegedly crashing his truck in a field next to Sunset Storage.

It was a chase that truly came full circle.

Bruner watched as the chase came to a close.

"You could hear the flop flop of the tires as he was going down 115th," Bruner said.

The driver, Bradley Belsheim, was arrested on a number of complaints.

Authorities said no one was chasing Belsheim when he careened through the fence and wound his way through The Village.

"That's one of the reasons for the suspicions of DUI," said Mark Opgrande with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office. "We believed he was under the influence of something."

Opgrande said Belsheim could face numerous charges, including DUI, eluding an officer, reckless driving, destruction of property and hit-and-run.

Casady School released the following statement:

"This morning, Casady's grounds and maintenance crew along with our Oklahoma County Sheriff's Deputy Resource Officer immediately identified a suspicious vehicle on campus. As Sheriff's deputy Resource Officer Justin Dang approached the vehicle, the vehicle sped away, and Deputy Dang pursued him off campus. Casady's security procedures operated exactly as they should, and at no time were any children in danger." 

Bruner said Belsheim has had property on their storage lot for several months.

"I guess, it was the drugs that got to him," Bruner said.

Belsheim is now being booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

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