Oklahoma animal shelter facing criticism for shooting dogs

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BRISTOW, Okla. – An Oklahoma animal shelter is facing criticism for its euthanization policy.

According to FOX 23, the Bristow Animal Shelter has been euthanizing dogs by shooting them.

“It’s not humane, period,” Beth Roberts told The Daily Beast. “The way he’s dragging them over, putting them in the hole first, then shooting them.”

However, experts say it is not illegal because of the size the city.

Roberts told the site that she was told workers were using a .22-caliber pistol to kill the dogs, saying, “It’s not something that ends their life quickly.”

Oklahoma law allows municipalities under 10,000 people to use any humane method to put animals down, but it fails to define humane.

Citizens say they were concerned that the shelter was targeting pit bulls, giving them one to two days before putting them down.

Shelter officials told FOX 23 that they euthanize animals if they are left at the shelter too long.

Now, several petitions have popped up, calling on city leaders to opt for a more humane method.

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