Oklahoma Unsolved Mystery: Who killed Edward Trotter?

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OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Okla. - An Oklahoma man found dead. Investigators say he was the victim of murder. It's a case that's grown cold over the last 20 years.

Deputy Vanessa Cole, with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office, said, "It's a good place to hide somebody."

It was June of 1996, Edward Trotter was found dead in rural Oklahoma County.

Cristalle Pelfrey, Trotter's daughter, said, "Really, had so many friends that really no one was his enemy."

So why would someone want to kill him? That's a question investigators and his family are still trying to answer.

Pelfrey said, "I really just want to know who it is and want answers."

A killer has been on the loose for nearly two decades.

Friday at 10 p.m., NewsChannel 4's Chellie Mills will tell us what police found at the scene and what they're doing now in hopes of getting a break in this Oklahoma Unsolved Mystery.

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