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Unusual “hit list” discovered at Edmond middle school

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EDMOND, Okla. – An Edmond teacher found an unusual “hit list” inside of a middle school student’s notebook this week.

Officials with Edmond Public Schools say a teacher at Sequoyah Middle School discovered a notebook that imitated a popular Japanese show and book series called “Death Note.”

According to Susan Parks-Schlepp, the notebook contained “numerous fantastical themes and references to fictional characters and how they would die and what days they would die.”

But along with the fantasy characters, officials say the notebook also contained the names of two teachers and four students that the student wished to cause harm to.

It also detailed how some of those people would die.

However, Parks-Schlepp says the manners of death the student made up were not realistic.

“In all but one instance the manners of death were so fantastical in nature they would have been impossible for the student to carry out,” Parks-Schlepp told KFOR.

After meeting with the student and his parents, the student has been disciplined and is no longer on campus, school officials say.

Parks-Schlepp says families of the students identified in the notebook were personally notified that their child’s name was found on the list.

A letter was also sent home to all Sequoyah Middle School parents.

Due to federal privacy laws, school officials were not able to give the specifics of the discipline the student received.



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